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For Foreign Students looking to study in India!

India has 600 universities and more than 33,000 colleges, offers a diversity of courses that is unraveled anywhere in the world !

From Yoga to Medicine, IT training to Textiles design, India offers International students every type of course possible. Indian universities offer international students courses, academics in India have made significant contributions to research in areas as diverse as Biotechnology, Ocean Engineering, Space Technology.

The cost of tuition in india is also a pull for students. Annual tuition fees are for subject in science and engineering are cheaper than in western universities, making India one of the most cost-effective destinations for study.
Whatever you choose to study in India, you will be living and studying in one of the 'World’s Emerging Superpowers' !!!

For Indian students looking to study abroad!

An international educational degree opens up a world of opportunities! The benefits of studying abroad be it getting global exposure or getting chance to work abroad or doing a program which is unique to getting window to migrate to a foreign country of choice are well documented.

With Educational partners providing both Online & Offline education Star Edulink is the educational consultancy firm of choice for many Indian students. Our partner education institutes are there in USA, UK, Malaysia and Australia. These institutes offer a wide variety of educational courses to choose from. Most of these courses are designed to suit the needs of the 21st century. They are not outdated and irrelevant education.

With guidance and support from Star Edulink students can now dream of a International Education without being worried about making the wrong choices.

Star Edulink Services

Star Edulink bouquet of services include the following services:-

• Pre admission counselling

• Admission process

• Visa processing

• Pre travel counselling

• Travel, ticketing and forex services

• Temporary accommodation(optional)

• Guided tour of education institution

• Localisation services

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